abre boca hour


chocolatas clams

charapita, leche de tigre, apple criolla, served chalaca style 9

open nigiri

tuna 5

little gem ceasar

ceasar’s verde dressing, parmesan, popped quinoa, anchovy 8

pan con chicharrĂ³n

pork belly, sweet potato mousse, salsa criolla 7

ama ebi cabeza

crispy prawn head, feta romesco, lettuce cups 8


sake – 10

heiwa shuzo “nigori” wakayama, japan

heiwa shuzo junmai “kid” wakayama, japan

minis – 6


miami vice punch


cocktails – 10


toki highball


beer – 4

sapporo, lager, japan

A 5% service charge has been added to your check to support competitive kitchen wages and health care for our team. This is not a gratuity. If you would like this charge removed, just let us know.

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