ceviches & tiraditos nikkei

chocolatas clams

chalaca style, charapita, leche de tigre, apple criolla, 22

ceviche mixto

kanpachi, shrimp, scallop, leche de tigre, 28

kanpachi & uni tiradito

yellow tail, coconut leche de tigre, rocoto pitaya dressing 32

Yellow Tail

tamari, fresh wasabi, leche de tigre, black truffle 32

causita nikkei

5 each


roccoto aioli, seaweed salt


hokkaido scallop, mentaiko

yellow tail

tobanjan, rocoto aioli


3pc lobster dumpling

charred jalapeno oil, ceviche aioli 24

little gem caesar

cesar’s verde dressing, parmesan, popped quinoa, anchovy 16

charred snap pea

charred jalapeno oil, avocado mousse, mint, garlic chips 14


crispy ricotta, tobanjan, peruvian pesto 16



 goat cheese-chorizo mousse, botija olive, ceviche aioli 32

haru noodles

soy-ají plum dressing, shiitake mushrooms, mixed herbs 24

spicy seabass tamal

shiitake mushrooms, choclo corn, coffee jus, limo aioli 25


udon noodles

shiitake mushrooms, peruvian pesto, wasabi tobiko, roasted onion jus, 24

arroz con pollo

herb garlic rice, anticucho marinated chicken thigh, cabbage slaw 28

crispy rice

seared steak tartare, egg, parmesan sauce 36

lomo saltado

beef tenderloin, confit potato, onion petals 55

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